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Lost in the library: what to read next?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Of course I'd love you to ask your librarian to order my book to keep on their shelves. Beyond that, I think everyone has a favorite genre's they are drawn to. All that is really important is that you continue to read...read...and read some more!

I write what I have coined 'romerotica ', a sub genre consisting of romance mixed in with steamy sex scenes, and those are the books I am most drawn to for a good read. I tend to go for happy ever after endings, but I can deal with an ending with the hint of a happy ever after.

If you are struggling with trying to nail down the sort of book you might like to read, your local librarian is an excellent source of assistance.

If you are too shy to ask for help, then become a happy wanderer and roam the library at will. When you come to the various sections, pull a book from the shelf , open it and read the flyleaf. If it seem like something you'd like to read, check it out. Continue through the various sections and take a few different genre's home. Eventually you will figure out what you are drawn too. A word of caution though; don't become too genre centric. Try reading into other genre's and develop a broad reading range.

I recently read the last book of the Breakthrough series, "Mosaic" written by Michael Grumley. I am not sure why I picked up the first one, but I am so glad that I did. It falls outside my normal genre choice, but it is so gripping and the concept so fascinating, I am glad I did. They are a little sci-fi, and little romantic, a little thriller, and a totally absorbing read. I encourage you to give Michael's series a try.

Dawn Lee McKenna's Lost Coast series is a small town detective series that I discovered by accident, looking for books written from a small Florida town perspective, I came across her by happy accident. Set in the Appalachicola Florida area the characters are so welcoming you feel like you are part of their family. (Word of caution...they will hook you!)

What ever you choose, remember that the public library is one of the greatest source for knowledge, don't fail to use them and support them in anyway you can. And as always, Happy readying!



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