Have you ever made a decision that changed the course of your life?

In the early 1970s, high school students Ellie and Jay fall in love. Like most small towns of that time, Greenville Ohio has a proscribed set of rules they expect young people to follow. Ellie and Jay step beyond the boundaries or these rules. The only thing that guides their behavior is the love they feel for each other.

At sixteen Ellie discovers she is pregnant and both she and Jay are forced to navigate an adult world before they are ready. Young and in love they rely on each other as they build their life together.

From the start, she and Jay are observed by the community like fish in a fishbowl. The big question is everyone’s mind is how long their marriage will last. The odds are calculated, and bets are placed.

With the odds stacked against them, they battle to preserve their love, insatiable desire, marriage, and family.

One night Ellie witnesses something that jeopardizes their life together. Fearful she will be forced to support herself and her children alone; Ellie takes the necessary steps to secure her future.

Plagued by fear, self-doubt and insecurity, the path she finds to the future surprises even her.

Elias Graham is a junk man. His parents started a salvage yard in Chicago Illinois in the early 1970’s and with Elias’ help have turned it into multi-million dollar business. One that Hollywood and renovators turn to for authentic architectural elements. His parents want to retire and make Elias a partner, but want him to be more settled in his personal life before they will do that.

Charleigh Chace is an entrepreneur who owns an upscale stationery store in Naperville Illinois. She has borrowed money from the equity her parents have in their business to buy her building and start her business. For three years, she has struggled to repay them but unless things change, she knows she will not be able to fulfill her obligations to them. She’s been offered a job in Las Vegas that will allow her to repay them in time, but that means losing her store and leaving her family.

When Elias spots Charleigh in a bookstore buying a book on business bankruptcy, he quickly comes up with a plan that will help both of them. If he can convince her to pose as his girlfriend in front of his parents, he will pay her for her services. All above board, just a little hand-holding and kissing in front of his parents for show. He feels a six months period is long enough to put his parent's mind at rest about his stability. He hates deceiving them but knows that they need this reassurance.

Charleigh agrees to the plan, and before one week is out, realizes she is in love with Elias. Elias makes the same discovery. Both of them realize that to reveal how they feel about each other will mean the deal will be off the table.